Mittwoch, 8. Mai 2013

Hei Boys...

there is something coming for you. I just saw it on different Fashion Weeks and I have to write it down.

This schoolbags were in many years ago but now they are coming back->

Maybe you don't like them but they are really beautiful and comfortable. So buy one and the girls will love them and you:)

by Cupcakeprincess

Hei Girls...
I just found this pic on :)

I want this skirt:)) You too?? Tell us:):*

by Cupcakeprincess

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Fabulous  Fashion

Spring 2013

Hey girls...
the time has come that I will present you...

just klick on the image above and you will see the website!
And here are some actual looks

by littlemissmoonshine

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Montag, 8. April 2013


Welcome at our BLOG:)
You find here looks we found on the street, our selfmade things (cakes, cupcakes...., clothes, ideas) and things found on the internet.

We hope you like our BLOG and you visit it often:)

Lots of LOVE littlemissmoonshine and CupcakePrincess :*